Fagel (fragglebeliever) wrote,

Feel Like It

I feel like updating.

This is going to be very cryptic, I can just tell.
Just got home from improv practice. I love da guyz. Eli Mandel picked and dropped me off, which was awesome. He came up for tea and chips. I feel validated a as a human being again.

And I say again, because I often times do not.
Like when I get no affirmation.

I love it when things fall gently and one and a time, as they have been and I should be happy. I am happy.
But I am also being princessy right now.

Lot's O Facebook. Should be reading Orestes. Don't think I'm gunna. At least I am memorized for everything.
(3 monologues and Holy Ghosts)

LET'S SEE. Can't figure out this guy sitch. It is making me really sad.
I should not feel sad.
I am going to try to feel better.
I have no idea how that is possible.
I think I am a guy's girl.
I think this because I have made no girlfriends at UCSC that I didn't already have or must be by some "This is my girlfriend!" default. Which is fine too.

I am SO glad not to be at Valley anymore.

barf barf barffffshitasssfuckshithole

Okay, but seriously, three cups of tea today? Acceptable? It was raining, come on.

Okay Okay, this is what I really want to say, here it is:

All I want... is requited, open feelings, all the time. I need to know if things are too slow, too fast, too awesome, too terrible. I need to know it all. And if I don't, I will continue to go crazy and call the CVS pharmacy more frequently and the person I care for. I need to call CVS again tomorrow. They never give me what I want.
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