Fagel (fragglebeliever) wrote,

Miserable is better than horrible, but horrible is better than nighttime.

I just discovered a plethora of websites on on my very awesome, cool co-workers, (the only one I have, really)
and let me tell you, she is even cooler than I thought she was initially. However, now I feel bad for being moody today when I was working with her. I should have savored it. I was being moody because I was still dwelling on the all the other bad co-workers of days ago. I only get to work with her every so often. Not only did I find all these blogs and things, made by her, but today, as we were taking the trash out to the dump, she had a pack of American Spirits tucked away her her very modest, worker's purse. I feel as though she deserves a medal or something. American Spirits are very emotional to me. Everytime I see an empty pack on the floor, I secretly want to pick it up and keep it, and have a collection. I've never even smoked before.

Now that June is over, I can't use June Gloom as an excuse anymore.
Either I pick myself up or I don't. To be honest, I know which one it is going to be, and it is not going to be the former.

I wish I could be more like my only good co-worker. She even has a husband. Wow! She has two last names now, which I think is very cool. I think she likes me too, but really, she is so nice to everyone, and hates negative energy, that it would be hard to tell. I complained to her today, and now I feel guilty and stupid. I should have continued not speaking at all. But I felt that was a bad choice too. There's nothing I can do about anything now. I'll just try again tomorrow.

I really hope for a time in my life where it is okay to be myself and do whatever I want with someone.

Luckily, this time will be arriving in a month.
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