Fagel (fragglebeliever) wrote,

my family cannot watch movies.

What better way to incorporate a little culture into my seemingly cultured family's life than to rent them "Inglorious Bastards"! We all know this is the one of the best movies ever made, and we all see why I would want to see it again and show it to everyone I know.

My sister would NOT SHUT UP.
"Im confused, is that the same Nazi as the time before? Wait, are they talking in French or in German? Who is that. Wait, is that Hitler? Oh god, Oh god, why did she dieeeeee oh god."

Rosanna was traumatized. And you all thought I could not handle blood and gore in movies. It scared her so much, that she just generally did not like it. And then started to make all these other accusations of the actors that were so un founded and wrong.

My dad: "It was too gross and not funny enough. All the rest I love."

I can't take this. And immediately after, my dad was starving and complaining about food, and Rosanna complained about it and went to sleep and Daniella kept on pestering me with pointless shit.

I am never going to try to induce family time ever again. Especially not family movie night. Never. My dad kept repeating the german words out loud. Still, wow, Inglorious Bastards. Still so so good.
Tags: inglorious bastards
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