Fagel (fragglebeliever) wrote,

riddles i create when i feel like saying " fuck!"

DO you think that it is true, what they say, that people who keep journals are healthier and better off than people who oppose the idea?

What about if you write down your exact emotion as you are feeling it? Is that the same or is that different?

What if you keep a journal, take eloquent notes, do paintings, type short stories and talk on the phone to release emotion. Is that better than just keeping a journal?

I cannot parallel park to save my life and i also bump my new tires on my curb causing me to panic every time about the alignment. is this of significance?

This girl I know named Sarah Miranda told me she had a bruise on her boob because " it was a good spring break." I think she expected me to laugh, but when I didn't, she felt really nervous. Should I have laughed at such a crude remark? I mean, for crying out loud.

I have constant dry-hand. Is this a real problem or do I just react completely normally to bleech?

Should I just say "fuck!"? Would that be helpful at this point? Even out loud?

I get paid a mere $8.25 and hour when my dad says I should be making $15.00. Is he right? I mean, $38.00 in tips is just enough for a week, and that is assuming I do not drive. I need bigger tips. I need more money.

I am going to go get some more money.
That may work.
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