Fagel (fragglebeliever) wrote,

More Intensity

I know how to find the goods on all my secret obsessions that I love at coffee bean. The main old guy, let us refer to him as Regular Ice Blended Mocha, Dome Lip, No Whip, has been my friend this whole time but recently has been sitting with me on my breaks, and has deep meaningful conversations with me. He sets it all straight for me. And also pats my shoulder lovingly. Today, I just grabbed him by the sides, but not a hug, when we parted ways. And the fact that he went to UCSC is so strange to me. Also, another adult coffee bean friend today confided in me that he has baby mammas, which is sweet really. And I also learned today, from another one, that he melted his wedding rings today and got $400 for the set. How lame! I gave him a free 32 ounce iced tea though. And then, I learned that the guy who sits in coffee bean all day and never leaves, is divorced. I think he is gay though, since he reminds me so much of Colin Firth in A Single Man, minus the sex appeal, but still some physical similarities. So many people to talk about, I feel like, but I can never do them justice here on Lj. Damn, all I want is to get paid to follow people around all day. Security Gaurd? Professional Creep? Jason Schwartzman? Who knows.

But Reg.Ice Blended Mocha, Dome Lid, No Whip is the most intense of the bunch. He is probably the oldest hottie I know.
Also, my english teacher from last semester and the one before wants to have coffee with me.

I am so perfectly okay with not having friends. Well, minus Julia and Alex who entertain me whenever they happen to be past the 405 on the 101 Highway.
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