Fagel (fragglebeliever) wrote,

Back in Plaid

Dear Livejournal,
Stop advertising, it is simply making me ill! But in all seriousness people, spring break has been kind to us all. For are we all not white, rich girls wasting away at the college of our choice? I'm kidding, we're not all rich. Rich people tweet.

Gay,gay,gay where to start?

Ah yes, I am in love, so that's good.

Eddie Murphy is puttin the moves on other girls, it's fine, we talked it over, and I'm willing to sacrifice.

I am very excited about potentially working two jobs over summer, as to not work at coffee bean as much, seeing as I need to detox the NSA Vanilla out of my lungs. Also, the bleach is not helping with my thumb problem. I'm still all broken skin-like because it can never heal properly.

People I have been stalking on facebook for no apparent reason other than it being spring break:
Sarah Baron
Ali Lovel
Kayley McMahon
Dean Nichols
Tyler Cornfield
Aimee Chick

Well, the typing business has been going well. I am getting much neater. My goal is to be very professional and good at typing so that I can not use my printer really ever, seeing as I cannot afford the ink.

I have three cups of coffee a day, a two of tea. This is good.

Daniella is a cool girl, afterall.

How do I know if my dreams are coming true? They probably are, but I won't be able to tell till I am like, 25 or something. Or maybe, I know right now.

Hope this wasn't too cryptic for you all!
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